Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a very effective cleaning process that can remove stains and dirt from clothing and other fabrics without risking shrinkage or damage. Traditional laundry services, using soap and water, can shrink, damage, or discolor clothing, while dry cleaning just cleans while protecting the clothing. For some fabrics and garments, dry cleaning is the only safe option.

Stain Removal

Have a stain that you’re worried may not come out? For the best chances of removing the stain bring it to the stain removal experts at Francoeur Cleaners. We have years of expertise at getting out the toughest stains.

Shirt Ironing

Not happy with the way your button up shirts look after you pull them out of the dryer? Our shirt cleaning and pressing service is a very affordable way to keep you looking professional. Bring your shirts to Francoeur Cleaners, we will have them iron and ready for you to look your best.

Casual Wear Cleaning

At Francoeur Cleaners we do not limit our services to items that are dry clean only. We can clean and press everything in your closet, even the everyday garments like jeans or golf shirts. If you want all of your clothes to look and feel great, bring them to us!